‘From sleep problems to fertility concerns, this complementary therapy works wonders.’¹

I recently came across an article in Harpers Bazaar which describes someone’s first experience of Reflexology. The author quite rightly states that the treatment ‘doesn’t claim to ‘cure’ you of any ailments, but instead to help the body restore its balance naturally,’ and this is exactly what Pure Holistics seeks to do.

At its most basic level, Reflexology is relaxing, helping you to deal with the stresses and strains of modern life. The treatment increases circulation in the feet and throughout the body, which in turn aids the immune system. It is a fully holistic treatment designed to restore homeostasis.

By stimulating specific reflex points in the feet, Reflexology can promote improved sleep patterns, conception, and pain reduction in addition to helping clients to manage anxiety and IBS symptoms. Treatments aim to change symptom patterns, with the overall intention of improving health and well-being. The effect is generally felt cumulatively over a number of treatments, but deep relaxation can be experienced with a single session.

If you’d like to see how Reflexology it can help you, book your introductory treatment here. 

1 Lucy Halfhead, Harpers Bazaar, 2016