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Sarah Moor, Reflexologist at Pure Holistics

Sarah has been practising reflexology since early 2016, training at The London School of Reflexology* in Regents Park under Britain’s leading Reflexology practitioner, Louise Keet. Sarah is a fully qualified Reflexologist and member of the Association of Reflexologists, gaining additional training in Spinal Reflexology and Pregnancy and Pre-Conceptual Care. 

Sarah has worked across the arts, marketing and editorial sectors before retraining in holistic health.  The effect of stress on health and wellbeing is widely reported, with stress thought to cause 75% of all illnesses. 

Recognising the affect of modern day stress on both physical and mental health, Sarah was keen to help people achieve optimum health and wellbeing through Pure Holistics treatments.

As a mother she is also keen to help support women on their pregnancy journey, and also through their transition to becoming ‘mum’.

*The UK’s most established and recommended reflexology school in the UK. Intensive professional training undertaken over a 10 month period.


Reflexology is the application of gentle pressure to the reflex points on the soles of the feet to bring about a deep state of relaxation, aid the body’s healing processes and restore a state of balance and well-being.

Originating in 4000 B.C. in China, Reflexology has a long history. It is a safe massage therapy which works holistically to reduce the incidence of stress and physical pain associated with lifestyle and a range of health conditions, including IBS, anxiety, insomnia, headaches, PCOS, pre-conceptual care, arthritis, general aches and pains, and many more.

Individuals respond differently to reflexology, and care is always given to provide tailored treatment plans according to each client’s requirements. Treatments are provided in a tranquil setting, allowing clients to close their eyes and relax to get the most from the session. 

Reflexology is a cumulative therapy which aims to bring about a change in symptom patterns over time, with the overall effect of improving health and wellbeing.

By increasing circulation, supporting the immune system and providing relaxation, Reflexology is the perfect way to recharge.

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Pure Holistics Reflexology


My treatments with Sarah were immensely relaxing; she is very skilled at putting me at ease and was discreet and sensitive about health disclosures. I found a course of treatments very beneficial – Sarah gave me diet and lifestyle advice to support my overall wellbeing.



Reflexology with Sarah really helped me during my pregnancy. I was struggling to sleep, felt anxious and wanted a natural labour. Treatments were tailored to work alongside my pregnancy and symptoms, and I always noticed a difference after each session.



I definitely felt like something lifted during my treatment – it felt very refreshing and helped me through a very stressful time.



I’ve been seeing Sarah for reflexology for the last 18 months. The monthly sessions have really helped ease the sciatic pain I’ve experienced for the last few years. More recently I’ve enjoyed the treatment throughout my pregnancy. It helped me to relax and was a great holistic addition to all the other preparation for the birth. I can’t recommend Sarah highly enough – she’s warm, friendly and professional and offers a first class service in a relaxing homely environment.

Laura, Cottingham