While we’re all on pause I’ve been thinking about a specific type of footprint – our environmental one. Seeing the Earth thrive with less human interference during the Coronavirus lockdown has made me think about the Eco steps we could take to become more sustainable in our daily lives.

Here are a few ideas:

Eco Friendly Cleaning Products
Switch to brands like Ecover, or use natural products from your cupboards: White vinegar, Salt, Baking Soda, Lemons etc.

Clean up your laundry
Microfibers from synthetic clothing enter the watering system during washing. Buying fewer, high quality natural clothing is the obvious solution, but there are other steps you can take to minimize damage: use washing liquid instead of powder, use fabric softener, wash at a lower temperature on shorter washes or invest in a Cora Ball  or Guppyfriend to capture microfibers before they head down the drain. (Read more in Breathe Magazine, iss. 29)

Choose products with minimal packaging
Consider eco cosmetic options like shampoo bars and choose items with less plastic packaging. Toilet roll is an easy place to start – check out the likes of Who Gives A Crap for a more sustainable product with no plastic packaging. 

Eat Local and waste less
The current pandemic has made us rediscover local independents. Now is the time to enjoy locally sourced products and support local suppliers. Plan your meals to avoid waste. Some suppliers currently delivering: Grain Wholefood, The Food Hall Bakery – Cottingham, East Riding Country Pork, Sugar ‘N’ Spice Cakes, The Little Cheese Pantry, Jones Quality Meats, Two C Bake House, Fresh & Fruity Florist & Greengrocers.

Plant your own seeds
Grow your own fruit and veg in your garden or on a window/balcony box.

Make Small Changes to Everyday Items
Switch to reusable face pads and sanitary items, avoid wipes unless they’re biodegradable and explore zero waste stores (our nearest store is in Beverley).

Reduce Energy
Switch to energy-saving light bulbs, programmable thermostats and turn off the lights!

Save water
Use Eco wash settings on washing machines and shower instead of bathing (I know, sacrilege!)

Travel Smarter
Working from home is doable! Skype, Teams Meetings and Zoom make far more economical and environmental sense than hopping on a plane for a meeting. Even in our personal time – how many holidays a year do we really need?

Reduce: Consume Less
Do you really need more stuff? Step away from fast fashion! If you’re a textiles whiz (I salute you if so!) why not re-purpose existing clothes?

Reuse: Think Outside Of The Box
Reusable coffee mugs and water bottles are thankfully becoming the norm, what else can you reuse or re-purpose?

Keep on recycling…and lobby suppliers to find more sustainable packaging solutions, preferably made from recycled materials.

Go Paperless
If you haven’t already, go paperless. Save those trees!