Human consciousness has the ability to exert an extraordinary effect on the body. The mind can be powerful, enabling us to go ‘elsewhere’ in stressful situations to regain control and composure.

Particularly in the current situation, when we all feel like we’ve lost control of our freedom and our ability to make decisions, it is important to focus the mind on positive outcomes. As much as we feel physically trapped by circumstance our minds can be uniquely freeing.

‘Visualising something…creates physical changes in the brain…the brain can’t tell the difference between what’s real and what a person imagines’ Dr David Hamilton.

Visualisation can be really useful from a calming point of view – using relaxing imagery to take your mind to a peaceful state, reduce stress, and in turn boost the immune system. If we regularly engage in relaxing visualisation it can help us to remove ourselves from the four walls we find ourselves in. Your favourite place in the world? You can go there any time if you train yourself to. And if nowhere springs to mind, we’ve captured some #mindfulmoments to help.

Visualisation can also be helpful on a medicinal or healing level to visualise illness changing to wellness. Studies report that cancer patients show greater improvements when they physically visualise their immune system killing cancer cells (like Pac Man). Pretty cool, huh?

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